CPA Alberta

Why Hire a Professional?

As a public accounting firm, Pham & Company is registered with the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Alberta.

Practice Reviews & the CPA Governing Body   

To maintain good standing, Pham & Company is required to undergo a practice review conducted by CPA Alberta every three years.  These reviews promote high standards of practice and improvement to the competence of the profession. In the event a client has a problem with a CPA there is a governing body to which a client may turn for assistance, or compliance enforcement. These practices have been established to protect the client and to ensure high standards are maintained within the profession. This differs greatly with accounting firms that are not operated by professional accountants. There may be little recourse for the consumer in the event of a dispute.[1]

Code of Ethics 

Thomas, Paul and all CPAs are guided in their judgment and actions by a set of ethical principles developed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. These guidelines help to ensure the interest of society is protected at all times.  More specifically they address the CPAs:

  • Responsibilities to society,
  • Maintaining their client’s trust,
  • Continual upgrading and development of technical knowledge and skills,
  • Avoiding being associated with deceptive information,
  • Fair business practices in their profession,
  • Responsibility to enhance the image of the profession and the association.[2]

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18 Years of Service

Pham & Company have actively served the community in Calgary for over eighteen years. Throughout this time, many relationships have been forged, built on trust and mutual respect. The staff at Pham & Company are concerned with the long-term success of their clients. They strongly believe that a good accounting foundation must be present to allow for a business’ growth and profitability.  They do not believe in taking short cuts and will assist each and every client to remain on the side of tax legislation and the government.